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I want to help every Woman
Explore these questions:

Who am I?
Why am I so stuck?
How can I reach my fundamental goals?


Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

  • Identify the underlying causes of your pain and brainstorm strategies to reduce it
  • Process your feelings in a safe and collaborative environment
  • Discern unhealthy patterns of behavior that have persisted over time
  • Recast your identity and seek to find answers to existential conundrums
  • Access newfound support systems, resources, and coping tools that meet your needs

Family Therapy

  • Explore dysfunctional family roles and dynamics
  • Establish safe and effective communication
  • Develop healthy boundaries that the family system agrees upon and feels comfortable with
  • Reinforce personal sense of responsibility and autonomy amongst family members

Couples Therapy

  • Create the safe space necessary for intimate partners to be vulnerable with one another
  • Expose raw emotions, hurts, and fractures between partners
  • Unveil disruptions in communication that can leave partners feeling stifled, devalued, and misunderstood
  • Help couples to better understand their partners love language in order to respond more sensitively to one another's "bids" for affection
  • Re-establish intimacy, romance, and unity between partners

Helping women explore their deepest questions...

“We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.”
-Kavita Ramdas

Attain the personal growth you truly desire...

Eva Moheban, LCSW

Welcome to my website

Do you desire more mastery over your life, but don’t know where to begin?

Perhaps you feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, but you don’t know why?

Maybe the current political, economical, and global climate has you feeling frightened?

Tired of striving to reach societies’ unrealistic standards of beauty, career, and relationships?

First, let me say, it is SO normal to feel this way from time to time. It is especially common during transitional periods, as priorities shift and with it goes your identity. Life may be forcing you to change, and… well…change is hard!

As a Women’s Mental Health specialist, I have come to find that most women feel anxious or depressed secondary to that of an underlying internal conflict: She desperately wants to continue rising in her career, but she is determined to start a family, she wants her independence, but she needs a sense of belonging, too. These paradoxical and seemingly incongruent desires make her feel uncomfortable—and maybe even a little bit guilty—for “asking for too much.”

Such discomfort can surface in a myriad of different ways for a variety of different women. While one woman might internalize her woes and feel hopeless or worthless, another woman with similar troubles could experience only somatic symptoms (migraines, abdominal bloat, or mental fog). An often unemotional gal may begin to experience sudden crying spells, to the point she no longer recognizes herself. A former free-spirit turned white-collar professional now battles with intrusive thoughts, fear of failure, and even, fear of success. A full-time student is perplexed by her pounding heartbeat and unpredictable panic attacks as she sits for exams or raises her hand to speak. Regardless of which description of the archetypical, renaissance woman best describes you, please know you are not alone in your pain. It is common for women, at any stage of life, to experience such “conflict crises,” as I like to call them!

Our work together will include identifying your presenting problems and clarifying your value systems in order to help you create a more harmonious life-path.

Essentially, I strive to empower women
to live out their best lives, Unapologeticaly.
We will create a personalized treatment plan geared towards clearing out your “stuck spots” so you can finally get out of your own way, and realize your true potential. Let’s start the process today: you can reach me via phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation. Remember, you don’t have to have a diagnosable mental illness to go to therapy, just like your car doesn’t need to break-down before getting its oil changed.
It is not your job to have all the answers.
It is in our work together that we will figure out what
the questions are, And Then Some.
With Love and Gratitude,
Eva Moheban, LCSW

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